New website!

It is with great pleasure to introduce the completely renewed website of Aimhigh Aviation.
The website has been build with Backlight 2 from the Turning Gate, an unique website creation and photo publishing platform for photographers.

Also with the new websites comes a new domain extension. I am proud to have obtained a .aero domain, as being part of the aviation community.
It identifies the industry focus, increases visibility and stands out within the aviation business.
In addition, the website is also more clean, easy to navigate and moreover has a modern look and feel what of course benefits viewing experience.
It shows services Aimhigh Aviation is able to provide to military and civilian aviation organizations. From article writing to publications and from aviator portraits to air-to-air photography.

The previously image galleries with multiple images from a photo-shoot are gone, instead, there is a showcase of images that reflects me, my work and my professionalism.
Fly along! watch behind the scenes footage and see how air-to-air images are being created.
Want to collaborate? Check out these words from aviators with whom I had the pleasure and privilege to work with and get in touch.

A completely new feature is this blog. Here I will be posting personal aviation experiences and behind the scenes stories from, for example, a recently done air-to-air photo-shoot or the progress of my flying lessons.

What is your impression of the renewed website? Leave a reply below!

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