Got my private pilot license.

2020, who had though it was going to be year full of restrictions, rules, lock-downs and less flying.
The COVID virus got his hands over the world quicker than anyone had though. All kinds of closures and lock-downs were announced including flight schools.
My job assignments got cancelled and I had all the time of the world to study for my flying license.
I spend almost 6 days a week, studying for my theoretical exams, so I could do them as soon as doors opened again. I passed all my theoratical exams at once with scores between 75% and 100%.
After some final flying lessons and a rehearsal exam flight, my instructor told me, “you are ready for the exam”.

On 28th July 2020, time had come to do my exam and I needed to rush. As I had a job assignment during the morning, photographing the Norwegian Chief of Defense, who was presented a Royal medal for this services by the Dutch Minister of Defense, timings got a bit tight. Therefore I was really anxious not to arrive in time.
After the assignment, I rushed towards Teuge airport and arrived on scene at the minute we agreed. My examiner, Ruber Fürste from AirFurste was already waiting for me and wasted no time.
We went through my flight preperations and planning, after that it was time to fly, showing my skills and drills.

Little bit nervous, we departed Teuge (EHTE) towards the west, following my created flight route. While en-route, the examiner suddenly called a diversion due to closure of our destination.
A quick re-route to my alternate was made, inform ATC of my route change, making fuel calculations and navigational directions towards the alternate. En-route some practical procedural needed to be performed and practical questions where asked. Suddenly the examiner pulls back the throttle and tells me the engine has stopped working. Performing my ABCDE protocol and execute a simulated forced landing on a golf course. After roughly one hour and a half it was time to head back towards Teuge airport.

After making a flap less, glide-in and a normal landing, I taxied back. In my mind I was going over the entire exam again. What did I do right, what could I do better? While taxiing back, tension kicked in as I was really curious what the verdict was going to be. Overall I had a good feeling about it.
Flight instructors gathered on the platform while taxiing in.

‘Congratulations on your pilot license, I wish you many safe flight hours in the future’, were the words from the examiner as soon as I shut-down the engine. One year and 19 days after my first flying lesson, I passed my flight exam and may now call myself a pilot. A dream came through. The year 2020, wasn’t not so bad after all.

Passed my flight-exam
Time to start making my own flying hours and adventures. One of my first goals was to land on every possible airfield in The Netherlands.
So far I visited Texel (EHTX), Groningen (EHGG), Oostwold (EHOW), Hoogeveen (EHHO), Hilversum (EHHV), Budel (EHBD), Seppe (EHSE), Midden Zeeland (EHMZ) and Rotterdam (EHRD).
There are still some airports to visit, but that will be done over time.

I do not only fly the Tecnam P-92J, I got checked-out on the Cessna 172. I really wanted to be part of Cessna flying family. The aircraft can be found for rent on almost on every airport.
It can carry more than one passenger, as my girlfriend and son like to come along when I go flying.

In the meanwhile, I have been creating my own video’s from my flying adventures that can be found on my YouTube channel.
I really enjoy making and editing these video’s. I am thinking about to continue doing it in a more blog style.
What do you think? Should I give it a try doing personal flying blogs?

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